Belt Monitoring

Phoenix provides a range of tools needed for monitoring belt and splice conditions


Cord Guard® XD

Rip and tear monitoring, cord monitoring and continuous splice monitoring for critical high-abuse applications.

Our complete steel cord belt-monitoring solution, Cord Guard® XD offers 24/7 rip and transverse tear detection, as well as continuous cord and splice monitoring for steel cord products.


Cord Guard®

Transverse tear detection, cord monitoring and continuous splice monitoring for critical applications.

Specifically designed to detect transverse tear, monitor steel cord integrity as well as continuously monitor splice quality, Cord Guard can be permanently mounted to your belt system for constant scanning.

PHOENOCARE Sensor Guard®

Sensor Guard®

Rip monitoring for critical applications.

A damaged conveyor belt can cause long and expensive downtimes. PHOENOCARE® Sensor Guard helps to minimize the damage that results from the belt being slit longitudinally. The system is preferred in critical areas like loading points with high impact energies. PHOENOCARE® Sensor Guard consists of electroinductive conductor loops which are vulcanized into the carrying or running side and spaced according to requirements.

Monitoring sensors are fitted in front of a critical area and behind it. The integrated conductor loops serve as electromagnetic transmitters, which are scanned by the monitoring sensors. The conveyor belt is immediately halted when it is slit by a foreign body, and the electrical circuit is interrupted as a result in order to prevent greater damage. The belt damage can thus be reduced to a few meters. In addition, the conveyor belt can be equipped with a transponder as the data carrier.

Industry-Leading Belt Monitoring

Industry-Leading Belt Monitoring

Phoenix is a global leader in conveyor belt manufacturing. Along with a complete line of conveyor belts, we provide a range of tools needed for monitoring belt and splice conditions and minimizing rip and transverse tear damage, helping you reduce downtime.

If your operation demands belt rip and transverse tear detection, cord or splice damage detection, look to Phoenix for periodic assessments or 24/7 real-time monitoring of your Phoenix belt systems.

Network Protection

Network Protection

User-friendly graphical interface puts you in control.

Our web-based monitoring software can be accessed via an Ethernet connection to your company’s network, making it available to multiple users.

Continuous Splice Monitoring

  • Cord Guard and Cord Guard XD have the critical feature of being able to continuously monitor steel cord splices by tracking key splice characteristics.
  • Enables customers to set alarms to detect when splice degrades past specified set points.
  • Allows for conveyor system shutdown when excessive damage is detected.

Portable Cord Guard


NATIONAL BELT SERVICE technicians can bring Cord Guard to your operation to conduct a cord monitoring and splice integrity scan as well as provide a detailed report.