The perfect system for continuous conveyor belt monitoring.

PHOENOGUARD ® PX – The perfect system for continuous conveyor belt monitoring.

The revolutionary one-for-all PHOENOGUARD® PX system has a complete range of capabilities that includes both carcass and cover monitoring technologies.

Conveyor belts are subjected to constant impacts from material falling onto the belt. Foreign bodies, wrongly installed scrapers and chutes are also a risk for the conveyor belt. The earlier that damage is detected, the lower will be the repair costs.

PHOENOGUARD® PX allows you to detect and monitor everything from incremental damage to belt surface covers up to potentially catastrophic damage due to pending splice failure or belt penetration by foreign material. Belt alignment can be monitored along the conveyor length to ensure that the belt is not damaged due to contact with structural equipment.

Key features of PHOENOGUARD® PX:

  • Nearly maintenance-free
  • Online image output
  • Variable sensitivity problem classification
  • Customized automatic incident response
  • Provides belt maintenance schedule and scope
Automatic detection and monitoring of:
  • Belt cover damage, such as longitudinal cuts, cracks, grooves etc.
  • Damage to belt edges
  • Fastener damage
  • Opening of splices
  • Lengthening of splices
  • Excessive/abnormal cover wear
  • Cord misalignment
  • Edge to outer cord dimension
  • Belt tracking problem, leading to edge damage
  • Cord corrosion due to moisture penetration at cuts, cracks, repairs or splices
  • Condition of transverse cords
  • Failure of cords during service
  • Entrapment of foreign objects
  • Belt overlapping on pulleys
  • Belt speed monitoring
  • Insufficient belt cleaning

Key benefits of PHOENOGUARD® PX:

  • Avoids unplanned conveyor shutdowns
  • Necessary action can be taken before major damage occurs
  • Increased belt service life
  • Drastic cost savings due to reduced downtime.
  • Drastic reduction of maintenance costs
  • Monitors every cubic millimeter of belt
  • Predicts remaining belt life time

PHOENOGUARD® PX – Belt rip (slitting)

Belt rip (slitting)

PHOENOGUARD® PX – Broken steel cord

Broken steel cord

PHOENOGUARD® PX – Steel cord corrosion

Steel cord corrosion

PHOENOGUARD® PX – Cover rubber damage

Cover rubber damage

PHOENOGUARD® PX – Splice integrity

Splice integrity